Friday, December 26

It's so exciting to get a new planner. The possibilities!! Now, I had previously purchased this Kikki.K Lilac planner as my 2015 planner but I found an issue with the agenda feel. I'm left handed and the rings got in my way and the only way to write something legibly was to pull out each individual page, every.single.time. No thanks! In my search for something else I considered the ever-so-popular Erin Condren but I remembered my dislikes. If you're paying that much you must be 100% satisfied. Me thinks. The things I didn't like about the Erin Condren were; the pouch in the back and the small squares in the weekly view. In my search I came across a couple of YouTube videos and retweets for pre-orders for these new planners by InkWellPress. I didn't want to pre-order something I had seen no reviews or non-stock pictures of. You know? I waited and stalked their Twitter mentions and Instagram tagged pictures and I fell in love! I loved the idea of two different layouts, I mean, we all have different needs for it and they seem to get that. I got a referral code (I'll provide one at the end of this post) and decided to go for it with a little more confidence. They had this wood chevron cover that sold out a night before I placed my order. I was sort of bummed by it because it was my first choice. I'm so happy it was (sold out), I like this "Mitered Stripe" one so much better. It looks so clean and classy. Everything I wanted my planner to be.

When you first open it you're greeted by a year calendar of 2015 and a page for your missions and goals.  As well as two side by side pages for important dates, birthdays and anniversaries.

Two page monthly view before a two page weekly view. I really like the sidebar for your Notes. But one of my favorite things about these planners are the soft colors. Nothing offensive to the eye and still not boring.

The one thing that really sold me and I saw on no other planner is the mission board (after the monthly view and before the weekly view). I love the honeycomb look and the idea of being able to break down bigger goals into baby steps every month.

Notes and ramblings.. I'm thinking of using this to quickly jot down thoughts and mini-reviews on books that I read.

Weekly view: The thing that stands out on these pages is the area to track your fitness, meals and stuff  to do at home. Love that. Again, not something common in other planners.. But you don't have to use it just for that, obviously. I did see someone use it for the daily weather..

Towards the back there's this folder and an actual pocket built into the back cover. There's graph paper for notes. A "Let's Go Anywhere" section where you document your trips, flights and all that jazz. There's a gift list area.. Movies and books to keep a record of.

That's all the pictures I was able to use.. My camera's (user error, I'm sure)  settings weren't cooperating and it was very dark and gloomy outside my office. So I encourage you to check out some YouTube videos or go to the InkWELL page for an actual review and better pictures. ^_^

I want to make note of the fact that even after your order has been shipped, InkWELL still emails you with helpful videos and tips on how to customize and get familiarized with the planner. Which I found helpful.

Now if you want to order one you can use my referral link which will provide you with 20% off of your order.

Happy planning and hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. If I planned correctly (ha!) there should be another post before the end of the year. See you then! ❤︎

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