X's & O's

Friday, January 30

Y'all know the drill.. I get pretty flowers from el novio, I take pictures and edit them for wallpapers. If you saw this tweet, you know that my previous wallpapers didn't download they way they were supposed to. Damn you technology! Paranoia made me test the zip with these wallpapers prior to starting this blog post... and the iPad one came out all wrong. sigh.. It's something that I have to investigate but not today. I want to get back to my book. lol

Here's a link to the  15" rMBP and iPhone.

Also, as a 2015 FYI, these are MY pictures to be used only for the purpose provided.


 A zip file with 198 wallpapers I've gathered (from various online sources).. enjoy!

iPhone 6 Cases (for sale!)

No, this one isn't for sale, it's the one I'm using on my Plus.  It's a white marble cover from Casetify. They updated their site and selection big time! It's hard to choose... I want so many!

If you order from Casetify you can use code IM2HC2 to save $10 (free shipping!)

Back to business, here are the iPhone 6 cases  I have for sale. I was going to have "buy now" PayPal buttons but that got really complicated, so, just email me and I'll send you a PayPal invoice. All prices include shipping, tracking and insurance (US only). These are bundled up and they'll stay that way. Individual sales are more work than I'm willing to put in. Sorry! 

There's links to the actual website purchased for more pictures and info..




Meow Meow!

Wednesday, January 28


Technology doesn't want to be my friend today, it's somehow switching the color from this pastel one to a not so cute neon one.. see here I don't want those versions out there.. so I'm uploading them directly here.. click the picture save to your computer or iPhone.





I'm back on the iPhone 6 Plus. I don't know what came over me but I missed it.. So much easier this time around and that camera is amazing! Although I suspect my iPhone 6 camera lens needed to be replaced (again). It was producing grainy and sort of blurry shots or maybe is the camera on this thing that makes it seem like so. We'll never know.

I was able to exchange a couple of my 6 cases for the Plus versions but I will be posting the other ones on sale hopefully by the end of the  week. I have workers doing their thing in my office so everything is in boxes waiting for them to be done. Painting and flooring is done but we're (not me, obviously, but it sounds nice lol) building the desk specifically to our wall. So there's basically a lengthier process than just unboxing + assembling. Anyway, that post shall be the next one.

I learned that there's not a lot of wallpapers for the Plus. boo! So I made the above wallpapers. I want to say the florals were inspired by my love for Rifle Paper Co products. I also re-ordered the Clear Rosa  case for my Plus as soon as  I got the device. Their cases are so cute and of such great quality.

This one and the lace one I purchased for the iPhone 6 will be on sale.

Back to the wallpaper... I'm including a screenshot of the MBP (sized for the 15 inch, retina model) so  you guys can see the colors better than the photographed + edited pictures allow.  

Zip includes: MBP, iPad, iPhone (sized for the Plus but it'll fit all smaller devices) and a cleaner version without the cats that I use for my home screen. 


( Update )

Something happens to the coloring of the iPad wallpaper once unzipped. grr.. 

ok, the issue still persists, it seems to only download the correct color from a computer.

You can download all of these individually in the post here.

Wallpaper Freebies

Thursday, January 15

New Year

We spent the last day of 2014 and the first morning of 2015 at the wonderful Sunset Tower Hotel.  It was a wonderful way to bring in the new year. Champagne, the most delicious veggie meatballs from Hugo's Restaurant and a four dollar Uber drive because homegirl was a tad tipsy and didn't feel like walking uphill. lol  From our window I could see and hear all the celebration ... but we actually passed out before midnight. I vaguely remember waking up at 12:35am, waking up my fellow giving him a kiss and slurring "Happy New Year"... I woke up at 7am freezing, I'd left all the windows open and it was a California polar vortex. 35F. My eyes were sore. I slept with my contacts in.  -_-

After my shower and piling my hair in a wet, messy, bun because I've (once more) forgotten a hair brush (ah, last minute packing) we went downstairs to have some breakfast. It was 10am, I'd already showered, eaten breakfast  and was on my way to The Grove for some shopping. While most Angelinos were still, maybe, sleeping and/or hungover.. I felt good! .... Until, it took twenty minutes to find my car. We completely forgot were we parked. lol

The beach was next. The message above was already there.. there were a couple every which way you turned.

There isn't a beach I don't love, but this little hole in between homes was just so beautiful. It got warmer during the day and there were a few couples/families just staring at the waves. Thinking their wishes for the new year, I'm sure.

There are a couple of their pictures on my Flickr account that I didn't post here.

I hope everyone had an amazing New Year and has an even better 2015!

Music is ...

Friday, January 9

... many different things to all of us. I have a friend who listens to club mixes when she's really sad. Which I found a little odd at first. I have a relative who puts on the most romantic Pandora playlists while she cooks. By herself. lol. What am saying is, the most random songs or playlists can lift our moods and put us in that relaxed zone we all need.

I'm here to share mine.

I typically listen to music early in the morning for an hour or two. I get up around 7am and jump in the shower (I'm a morning shower type) and just hit play on my iPhone until I'm done getting ready and go downstairs to get my breakfast going.

I support the arts and the people who make it all possible. I buy all my music, books, iBooks or Kindle book. Have I always been this honest? Nah. It actually started with all the illegal music downloads I'd lose with iTunes crashes and what not. It's way too much work! It's much easier to buy and it all syncs. Also, around this time, I took a couple of internships in the world of Hollywood and I got to see all the work and lack of credit many up and coming actors/singers get. I was part of that. Plus, www thebang232records in the description of your songs is so annoying and the lack of covers. Did it bother anyone else when albums didn't have covers?

Now, services like RdioSpotify and Pandora make it so easy to have any kind of music at your fingertips for one low price. The last two allow free music listening with a couple of ads her and there and limited skips. I've chosen the most used, Spotify, and made a 2015 Favorites playlist to share. All music that I purchase, listen to and love, I transfer over to the playlist. One thing I really like about Spotify is the many many many amazing playlists. I wish iTunes had something like that.

My current likes in the music world are not your BeyoncĂ© type. Those get enough spotlight. These are the ones that may not be that well known but just as good. If not better. Hopefully you find something/someone new and broaden your musical horizons.

One last thing, for those of you on your computer, there's a widget on the right hand that'll take you to the playlist. 

Have a great weekend.

January iPhone Goodies

Monday, January 5

Hello all! I hope everyone had a fantastic (and safe!) New Years. I have a couple of pictures of my New Years that I'll be sharing sometime next week.

 In this post I bring you two wallpapers for your iPhones. One, is the January calendar for your lock screen.

The second is a quote, of sorts. I'm not a fan of quotes. At all. I find them soooooooo cheesy and nothing profound. Most I see all over Instagram are some sort of man-bashing-I-am-a-strong-woman-I-don't-need-no-man type. Those get my eye rolling so bad. I just think theres more to life than telling strangers how strong you are instead of proving it to yourself. I'm aware there are tons others but those are all the ones I see. Any who, theres a few that make me want to pin them...  This is one of them.

It's so easy to compare your life to others and feel disappointed in yours. This reminds us that we can do, have, accomplish the same things as others. We just have to focus on ours and be willing to work for it. Life is not going to hand you anything. It owes you nothing. You, we, have to work for it, sometimes harder than others.