January iPhone Goodies

January 5, 2015

Hello all! I hope everyone had a fantastic (and safe!) New Years. I have a couple of pictures of my New Years that I'll be sharing sometime next week.

 In this post I bring you two wallpapers for your iPhones. One, is the January calendar for your lock screen.

The second is a quote, of sorts. I'm not a fan of quotes. At all. I find them soooooooo cheesy and nothing profound. Most I see all over Instagram are some sort of man-bashing-I-am-a-strong-woman-I-don't-need-no-man type. Those get my eye rolling so bad. I just think theres more to life than telling strangers how strong you are instead of proving it to yourself. I'm aware there are tons others but those are all the ones I see. Any who, theres a few that make me want to pin them...  This is one of them.

It's so easy to compare your life to others and feel disappointed in yours. This reminds us that we can do, have, accomplish the same things as others. We just have to focus on ours and be willing to work for it. Life is not going to hand you anything. It owes you nothing. You, we, have to work for it, sometimes harder than others.  


  1. Thanks so much for January LS Bee and Happy New Year!! :)

    1. Thank YOU for always being so kind and taking the time to leave a comment. Appreciate it, Wendy. ❤︎

      Happiest of New Years to you and your loved ones.

  2. Thanks Bee. I love it!! I truly appreciate the 6+ walls!!! ❤️

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