Wednesday, January 28

I'm back on the iPhone 6 Plus. I don't know what came over me but I missed it.. So much easier this time around and that camera is amazing! Although I suspect my iPhone 6 camera lens needed to be replaced (again). It was producing grainy and sort of blurry shots or maybe is the camera on this thing that makes it seem like so. We'll never know.

I was able to exchange a couple of my 6 cases for the Plus versions but I will be posting the other ones on sale hopefully by the end of the  week. I have workers doing their thing in my office so everything is in boxes waiting for them to be done. Painting and flooring is done but we're (not me, obviously, but it sounds nice lol) building the desk specifically to our wall. So there's basically a lengthier process than just unboxing + assembling. Anyway, that post shall be the next one.

I learned that there's not a lot of wallpapers for the Plus. boo! So I made the above wallpapers. I want to say the florals were inspired by my love for Rifle Paper Co products. I also re-ordered the Clear Rosa  case for my Plus as soon as  I got the device. Their cases are so cute and of such great quality.

This one and the lace one I purchased for the iPhone 6 will be on sale.

Back to the wallpaper... I'm including a screenshot of the MBP (sized for the 15 inch, retina model) so  you guys can see the colors better than the photographed + edited pictures allow.  

Zip includes: MBP, iPad, iPhone (sized for the Plus but it'll fit all smaller devices) and a cleaner version without the cats that I use for my home screen. 


( Update )

Something happens to the coloring of the iPad wallpaper once unzipped. grr.. 

ok, the issue still persists, it seems to only download the correct color from a computer.

You can download all of these individually in the post here.


  1. Thanks for the cute wallpapers! I'm so happy my hubby talked me into the 6+ as I was just going to get the 6 and he said 'then you will always wish you got the 6+' and he was right and I love this iPhone <3

    1. That's very true. Smart hubby! You always wonder about it. You don't miss a smaller device but curiosity always makes you wonder about bigger ones. Hence the attraction to Android from many. Glad you're enjoying yours and thank you for your kind words, always! ❤︎

  2. Is the camera on the 6 plus better than the one on the normal 6!? My iphone 5's lens has gone all grainy and horrible too and is in need of replacement, but I'm considering just replacing the whole thing for one of these beauties. Lexmorrisa x

    1. Yes! I had a friend who had both, the 6 and the Plus, and claimed they were very similar. I find that not true. The Plus has the better camera (spec wise) but it produces richer, clearer pictures that compete with a DSLR. If that's a big selling point (picture quality) for you, then go with the Plus. You won't regret a bigger device. It's worth it! If you're not under warranty, replacing your camera lens will have to come out of your pocket. If that's the case, save your money for an upgrade IMO. ^_^ Hope I've helped some, Alexandra.