Music is ...

January 9, 2015

... many different things to all of us. I have a friend who listens to club mixes when she's really sad. Which I found a little odd at first. I have a relative who puts on the most romantic Pandora playlists while she cooks. By herself. lol. What am saying is, the most random songs or playlists can lift our moods and put us in that relaxed zone we all need.

I'm here to share mine.

I typically listen to music early in the morning for an hour or two. I get up around 7am and jump in the shower (I'm a morning shower type) and just hit play on my iPhone until I'm done getting ready and go downstairs to get my breakfast going.

I support the arts and the people who make it all possible. I buy all my music, books, iBooks or Kindle book. Have I always been this honest? Nah. It actually started with all the illegal music downloads I'd lose with iTunes crashes and what not. It's way too much work! It's much easier to buy and it all syncs. Also, around this time, I took a couple of internships in the world of Hollywood and I got to see all the work and lack of credit many up and coming actors/singers get. I was part of that. Plus, www thebang232records in the description of your songs is so annoying and the lack of covers. Did it bother anyone else when albums didn't have covers?

Now, services like RdioSpotify and Pandora make it so easy to have any kind of music at your fingertips for one low price. The last two allow free music listening with a couple of ads her and there and limited skips. I've chosen the most used, Spotify, and made a 2015 Favorites playlist to share. All music that I purchase, listen to and love, I transfer over to the playlist. One thing I really like about Spotify is the many many many amazing playlists. I wish iTunes had something like that.

My current likes in the music world are not your BeyoncĂ© type. Those get enough spotlight. These are the ones that may not be that well known but just as good. If not better. Hopefully you find something/someone new and broaden your musical horizons.

One last thing, for those of you on your computer, there's a widget on the right hand that'll take you to the playlist. 

Have a great weekend.

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