New Year

January 15, 2015

We spent the last day of 2014 and the first morning of 2015 at the wonderful Sunset Tower Hotel.  It was a wonderful way to bring in the new year. Champagne, the most delicious veggie meatballs from Hugo's Restaurant and a four dollar Uber drive because homegirl was a tad tipsy and didn't feel like walking uphill. lol  From our window I could see and hear all the celebration ... but we actually passed out before midnight. I vaguely remember waking up at 12:35am, waking up my fellow giving him a kiss and slurring "Happy New Year"... I woke up at 7am freezing, I'd left all the windows open and it was a California polar vortex. 35F. My eyes were sore. I slept with my contacts in.  -_-

After my shower and piling my hair in a wet, messy, bun because I've (once more) forgotten a hair brush (ah, last minute packing) we went downstairs to have some breakfast. It was 10am, I'd already showered, eaten breakfast  and was on my way to The Grove for some shopping. While most Angelinos were still, maybe, sleeping and/or hungover.. I felt good! .... Until, it took twenty minutes to find my car. We completely forgot were we parked. lol

The beach was next. The message above was already there.. there were a couple every which way you turned.

There isn't a beach I don't love, but this little hole in between homes was just so beautiful. It got warmer during the day and there were a few couples/families just staring at the waves. Thinking their wishes for the new year, I'm sure.

There are a couple of their pictures on my Flickr account that I didn't post here.

I hope everyone had an amazing New Year and has an even better 2015!

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