Yellow Submarine

Friday, February 20

I'm back! With another set of wallpapers. If you follow me on Instagram  you've probably noticed I've bummed it at the beach the last couple of weekends. (life well spent!) I'm working on a post that combines all the pictures and video footage (iPhone 6 Plus is a beast with video + pics). So look forward to that soon-ish!

Do you ever have your laptop open but you're not really doing anything or paying attention to whatever window you have open? Nah? Ok.. Well, that was me earlier this week.. I started doodling on Illustrator and made the "love" part of these wallpapers. Closed the laptop and came back three days later.. lol.. I didn't want to delete it because I liked the way it looked so it turned into that ^..

Enjoy + have a wonderful weekend full of adventures*.


Feb Cal + Extra

Tuesday, February 3

Calendar (pictured)  I    Extra (preview)

I've sized them to work best this way.