Office Space

Saturday, March 21

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my office being under construction... Well, it's now ninety percent done! There's still a piece of furniture that's being worked on, I'm looking for a rug and a desk chair this weekend but I figured I'd share what's done so far. 

I was not really feeling my decor and that's Pinterest's fault. lol All the office stuff I pinned was on the minimal side but as great as that looks, it actually has to be useful and this is all the stuff that makes it useful to me. At first  I thought it was cluttered and 'too much' but I settled on 'organized clutter'.. 

As you can tell, this was a very sunny day, I resorted to black and white to tone the yellows down a bit.. ^.^  My most favorite thing from this space is the USB charging ports built into the outlets (thanks honey!), they charge so fast and there's no longer a need to make our kitchen counter all cluttered looking with our cables. I have a big nail polish rack that I received as a birthday present a couple of years ago (pictures of that soon-ish) it's now quite full and even an extra acrylic one, I had prior to that one, is full. So in this little dish (from Target) is where I keep my newest polishes or ones I want to use next. It was a last minute idea but I quite love it.

As a side note, a lot of the things pictured here came from Target.

This awesome print is from Stay At Home Club, I found them through Pinterest (ha!) and I love the quality and it's quite affordable.  I've had the older model of this printer and when it had to go I figured I'd go with what I trust. It's nothing fancy but it's wireless, black like my soul and gets the job done... all I really want from a printer.

The top shelf is home to my three favorite shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (not pictured, oops), I Love Lucy and FRIENDS. They're not with our movies since they're all online either through Hulu+ or Netflix now. They served me wells for years, now I let them rest.

The books are the In Bloom collection from Rifle Paper Co, the Alice in Wonderland illustrated edition is coming in November and I can't wait. I doubt I'll ever read these particular copies, they're much too pretty, but I do want to collect them all!

Cute story* The complete series of Sex and the City, you see it? Well, in ranking it's a fourth favorite but it has a special place in my heart. When boyfriend and I were in our second year of dating, I mentioned wanting to see the movie that was coming to theaters in a week or so. I'd only caught a couple of episodes here and there but the show was pretty much foreign to me. Somewhere along the line I mentioned not really caring to go because (maybe) I'd be lost.. Well, we went to Target one day around that time and I lost him but when he found me, he gave me it, the series. He just said, here, it's paid for, now you can catch up before it's out. ❤︎ Yes, I swooned a bit.. And if you've seen the movies you'd recognize the line in this extra wallpaper I shared in February. ^_~

The other side of the office is now my library. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen my bookcases were upstairs in our bedroom (here) the (no longer) kitties don't go in there so I figured my babies (books) were safe from those rascals in there. However, they make more sense in this room, so we brought everything down here and spent the better part of two days organizing everything in an order only I understand (according to bf). The cats have come and sniffed and have even climbed to the top but for the most part they're fine (again, my books lol). As I was taking these pictures, Emi (my oldest cat and the biggest ham), decided to join in and pose for me.. At least that's what my crazy cat lady heart thinks so. ❤︎

I hope you guys enjoyed these pictures. Have a great weekend!

Next week I'll be sharing some pictures from my Disneyland trip earlier this week. 


Friday, March 6

Okay, it's no secret that I love taking photos. And I take a lot. It's half the reason I went with the 128GB iPhone (the other half is because I love my music!).. I didn't want to worry about having to cut apps or having to delete pictures to take new ones. I like my memories and I want to hoard them! ^.^ Actually, I don't really hoard them (you get what I mean) ... every night, yes every night, I go through the days photos and delete the original versions and the extra ones. It bothers me a little too much to see fifty-seven of the similar pictures in my camera roll. Anyone else?
Back to the point, there's a lot I quite like and in an effort to not bombard my Instagram followers I never post them and end up forgetting about them. –– Also, the horrible compression that Instagram gives to my pictures hurts my heart a little (a lot) ––  I've now created an iPhone 6 Plus (only) album on my Flickr (if you're on your computer there's a link on the right sidebar) to post the full size and tons others!

These are a couple of the pictures currently in that album. I have some panos and videos (there's one on my Instagram) I've still to edit and will be added once I get to them. < here> is the link.. I hope you guys like it just as much as I do.❤︎

March Cal

Monday, March 2

It is officially March! Time for this months calendar wallpaper and a few extra ones!

The last two Sundays I've visited my parents. Now, my Dad has one beautiful garden. He often calls me when he has new blooms or plants that he thinks I'd like to take pictures of. ^.^  At the beginning of the month he told me his apricot (pictured) and peach tree had begun to bloom.. The above are the pictures (with iPhone) I took on different Sundays. Both raining but one was a little sunny.

This is what the calendar looks like... 

... and a few extra gradients I added.  I also added the blank (sans calendar) version of the blooms.