March 6, 2015

Okay, it's no secret that I love taking photos. And I take a lot. It's half the reason I went with the 128GB iPhone (the other half is because I love my music!).. I didn't want to worry about having to cut apps or having to delete pictures to take new ones. I like my memories and I want to hoard them! ^.^ Actually, I don't really hoard them (you get what I mean) ... every night, yes every night, I go through the days photos and delete the original versions and the extra ones. It bothers me a little too much to see fifty-seven of the similar pictures in my camera roll. Anyone else?
Back to the point, there's a lot I quite like and in an effort to not bombard my Instagram followers I never post them and end up forgetting about them. –– Also, the horrible compression that Instagram gives to my pictures hurts my heart a little (a lot) ––  I've now created an iPhone 6 Plus (only) album on my Flickr (if you're on your computer there's a link on the right sidebar) to post the full size and tons others!

These are a couple of the pictures currently in that album. I have some panos and videos (there's one on my Instagram) I've still to edit and will be added once I get to them. < here> is the link.. I hope you guys like it just as much as I do.❤︎

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