April Calendar

Thursday, April 2


I have a couple of posts planned that I got behind on. Those are still coming but the one that can't really wait are my calendar ones. How useful can an April calendar be in May? lol
I have a ton of Disneyland pictures and poppy field (Instagram preview) pictures coming up! April is my birthday month, my brothers birthday, my anniversary... there's basically something to plan for every week! It'll be a little busier than a regular month and I'd like to enjoy that more than spend it behind a computer. ^_^  But I always post on Instagram (first) so follow me there if you don't already!

This calendar and phone care are from Rifle Paper Co. My obsession is still strong!

Happy Birthday to all my fellow April babies.

⑊ WALL w/CAL ❤︎ Wall without CAL ⑊

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