April 24, 2015

retina macbook

I decided to do a what's on my iPad, Macbook, and iPhone!

I love me some apps. I love trying the newest and latest ones and at this point I own so many that do similar things. lol And I love it! I love variety and switching things around. Now, some of these may change from time to time for the newest thing but these are the ones I always come back to.. They just work so well together and for my needs. There's one or two that my devices don't share but the majority are found across all three.


Not going to discuss the stock ones, they're pretty obvious/self-explanatory.

Fantastical 2: This is a trial. I'm still shocked at the price even with it's discount. I want to see if I'll really use it as much since I have the first one and that thing gave me more issues than anything else. I must say, this version is smooth like butter. (damn them!) It actually works really well with my iPad and iPhone and syncs instantly. And it's not too bad on the eye. Is it worth the $49.99? Heck no! Not even the $39.99 it's currently on sale for. I'll wait for an iTunes gift card sale to take the plunge.

Omnifocus 2: My one true love! (jk) I first purchased this on my phone before I even owned a mac and really liked the one thing many find intimidating, the many options. I tried sticking to Reminders but that's only good for small lists. I like the projects, contexts, the flagged events all being separate options in Omni. The price is a big thing to get over but I use it multiple times a day. Plus, they have really good CS. They answer immediately and update often. All I really ask from these people.

Notefile: This one is just for aesthetics. I really hate that textured paper in the stock notes app. This one syncs just as fast. Only thing is no picture attachment.

1Password: A must, because you're not supposed to use 'password' as your password.

ByWordI draft my papers, essays, and strongly worded letters in this thing. I got it years ago because it was one of the few that synced with Dropbox. It also syncs locally or to iCloud if you prefer and you can post from the device to your blog.

DayOne: AKA my Burn Book.. I started using it in 2012 and I love it. We all know how a journal works. The only thing I don't like is the newer updates where there's an option to share your entries. Why would I want to do that? That's what subtweets are for!

Twitter:  I used to stick with Tweetbot for Mac but it had little glitches that an app with that price tag shouldn't have. It hasn't been updated and the developers are in no hurry, it seems, they ignore all inquiries and don't seem to care because they're 'on top'.. I don't want to support that sort of attitude/work ethic.

Paprika:I love cooking and trying new recipes this organizes them beautifully without having to scroll through a blog post to find what you need.

Deliveries: Because online shopping is a sickness and I don't want to get better.

PCalc: If you suck at basic arithmetic.. and college math is ruining your life.

iPhone screen

On my iPhone but not on my iPad.. 

VSCOcam: I do have it on my iPad, in a folder, but I rarely edit my pictures on it. I also rarely take pictures with my iPad, that camera sucks! Anyway, if you see and like any of my Instagram pictures, it's the magic from this app.

Fitbit: I got a Fitbit sometime last Fall just to track my steps. It does it's job, sometimes I don't.

Passbook: It's a love hate relationship with this but I've been using it a lot lately so I moved it to my home screen. The apps it supports are very limited but I mainly use it for reward cards (AMC Stubs, Starbucks, iTunes) or event tickets, I really like how it updates the balance on them and I can see them at a quick glance.

ipad air 2

Inbox: I've been looking for a replacement for the stock mail app, this one is the one I liked the most out of all the ones I tried. I don't like the two steps to delete an email (I'm used to swiping) and the font is not customizable, which I find too big for my taste but the visual appeal is what keeps me using it.

Dropbox: I upgraded to the Dropbox Pro almost two years ago and no ragrets (not even a single letter). I had to restore my phone because I did something to it (I'm sure) and I lost the pictures from the previous year! I found Dropbox's automatic camera roll upload a heaven sent. Of course, I now use it for all types of documents but that's what drew me to it, initially.

OmniOutliner: I initially got it for class, it was an easier way to break down outlines, paper ideas (ideas in general) and notes.

MoneyWiz2: Like I said, numbers are not my thing. This helps me keep all my accounts up to date. It automatically balances the automatic payments we have set up (which I forget, at times) and ends up being more reliable than online banking, for me. I've also had it for years so all that data/graphs is backed up in case I ever need to reference it.

Google Maps: One of the most used apps on my phone. It's accurate, unlike Apple's, and it often updates to easier, faster, less traffic congested routes. It shows you pictures, reviews (within the app) of current or starred places. Think of a Yelp and Maps mixed baby.

Ovecast: I have a thing for podcasts and are an everyday thing for me. I will make a post in the future with all my favorite ones.

Pushpin: A Pinboard - really simple bookmarking site - mobile app. It's a one time fee (the site, app is separate) but I find it more reliable than Pocket. I tried Instapaper but it was a monthly fee to keep my old bookmarked pages current. No thanks. That cat video is not worth it!  

Unread:  All the blogs I love to stalk are neatly nestled into folders in Feedly but I don't really like their app. Unread makes them all pretty with different themes (night, day, favorite gang), and none of that unwanted stuff, just text and pictures.

GoogleSo much easier to navigate and 'Google' than Safari.

Twitterrific: Favorite iOS Twitter app. They have such good customer service (big thing!) and constantly update! Those are developers I like to support. Plus, it's the Twitter app that does minimalism best. It's also universal.

We've reached the end of this post.. bless you for reading it 'til the end. I made these wallpapers to so I could have all my devices matching for the purpose of this post. You can find the download link to the zip below. 

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