LA Festival of Books 2015

Monday, April 20


As I was looking at last years blog post for the Festival of Books I was really jealous of the weather. It looks twenty degrees cooler and so much easier to walk hours in. Not complaining (too much) it was still a wonderful/successful event.

The festival, cutely nicknamed 'bookchella', was held this past weekend (April 18-19). I wanted to attend Saturday, if you didn't read my post from last year (linked above) you'll see I mention the first day of the event as the one where they have the most of everything! I browsed through a couple of $5 book shops and a some were quite empty on Sunday morning.

I knew it was an 85(f) degree day so I left the dslr at home and relied on my iPhone 6 Plus for pictures.

The outdoor panels are free and they have, set up, dozens of chairs on a first come first serve basis but there's a couple of panels inside the buildings that you have to purchase tickets before. I got mine Saturday night but only did it knowing I'd need to cool off lol.. I attended the Jandy Nelson panel, Marie Lu, Jennifer Niven and Danielle Paige. --side note: I own 98% of the books from the YA Authors and didn't take them nor did I want to repurchase a dozen books-- it was really fun but part of me regretted not bringing a couple to get signed, the other part of me doubts I'd have the energy to carry them around. I actually waited until I was close to leaving to purchase anything because I refused to walk around loaded with totes!

Taking a breather! I actually brought my own tote because NOW it's the perfect time for this bad boy! Which actually led a couple of people to ask me which booth I got it from.. It's from Culture Flock Clothing, if you're interested.


At a place called a 'book festival' you'll always find interesting books you don't own and/or have never heard of. These are the few I found. (all Goodreads links)

and the Lord of the Rings trilogy which I got for $10!

Hope you enjoyed this post and had an equally exciting weekend!

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