Poppy Reserve

Wednesday, April 22

At the end of March we found ourselves on this yet-to-fully-bloom stretch of land. It's called the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, if you Google it you'll see what it's supposed to look like in full bloom. I read on their website that the blooms came a month earlier than expected and there was a poppy shortage. :(  (We drove two hours!) Nonetheless, we still enjoyed the few poppies and they do smell amazing! I never realized that about them because I've never had the pleasure to have dozens upon dozens in front of me.

You see that mountain in the back? There's a fee to get in and that's where the map tells you you'll find the poppies. No such thing! We hiked that entire thing with the numerous "stay on the trail and watch out for rattlesnakes" posts warning us of our potential death (lol), for nothing! They were across the road in this free stretch of land. Next year I'm stalking their website for better timing. We still found it to be a wonderful little adventure. The sound of the hundreds of birds and the scent of the poppies are something I definitely want to experience again.

*Wallpaper, at the end of this post.

Nature, you beautiful thing, you!

*wallpaper at the end of this post

That's all this time around! Hope it was a pretty view for you too.. Happy Earth Day!

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