Big Sur, Ca

Tuesday, May 26

Big Sur

For my birthday this year I decided to spend two days in Big Sur. This place is probably photographed/Instagrammed to death but once you're there you realize why! Pictures don't do it justice. Everything feels different, it's so relaxing and nature's fragrance is intoxicating.

It was a five hour drive but the view wasn't so bad. 

Now this thing.. ugh.. it was unbelievable! I didn't edit this or the following pictures because how could I? I'd be ruining it. It's so perfect! The water is the most beautiful turquoise. And a waterfall that spills into the ocean... There was also a seal pup and what I presume to be it's mother, can you spot it? 
hint* it blends into it surroundings. 
hint* bottom left
hint* it looks like a rock 

These pictures are of the surrounding area and the park across the highway.. It's basically camping grounds, beach views and (lots) trails. 

This beach is one I've been wanting to visit for years and I was most excited to see. And I almost didn't. The entrance is a so secluded and there's no sign for it.. We had to drive 15 minutes up where I had a measly 2 bars of 4G, go on TripAdvisor (thank you guys who left all the tips!) figure out what we were doing wrong, repeat two more times and as I said eff it (there was like 15 minutes of sunlight left) and we were driving back down I saw the "sharp almost invisible right turn" many mentioned! There was still a good four minute drive into the darn thing but once I got there.. I forgot about it all. It's mesmerizing... and so flipping cold. So cold and windy! I've been to many beaches to watch the sunset and all that cheesy stuff but this was something else. I had to keep turning around because my contacts were trying to jump ship, people were losing scarves and hats. That bad!

.... but so worth it!

Exploring with the iPhone

My last view before heading home. There's so much to see that can't be covered in two days but what we did manage to see was unbelievably stunning. Nature at it's best. ★


  1. Oh goodness such beautiful pictures! Big Sur has been on my travel list for a while and now I really cannot wait to go! Thanks for sharing lady! <3

  2. I absolutely love your photos! both on instagram & your blog. I don't know how you take such professional perfect looking photos, on your iPhone. Love it! :)