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Monday, May 18

In the last couple of weeks I've received some wallpaper requests from certain pictures of mine on Instagram. At first I didn't know if they'd resize properly since the pictures posted tend to be taken and edited in that square format that the default camera has. I also didn't want to make a post for one or two pictures so I waited for them to pile up and for inspiration to strike. It did so this morning! I went through my camera roll (all are iPhone photos) and edited away.

These are the eight I liked most. I went into my 2014 camera roll - Yes, I have like 18 folders on my phone. I'm huge on organizing and can't stand a 'messy' (100 of the same pic, wallpapers etc) camera roll lol - and found some iPhone 6 pictures I took (during those brief months I stuck to it) and they were too small for iPhone 6 Plus dimensions.. :(

... there's always a fine print 
I think we're all aware that these are meant to be used as iPhone backgrounds and nothing more. Not for your email or blog header (I've seen this) and anything else that's not on your phone's screens. 


E N J O Y!

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