May Calendar

May 1, 2015

iphone 6 plus

April was a crazy busy month for me and as fun as that was (truly), I'm glad to take a breather.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping at my local Sprouts (think Trader Joe's) and was greeted with a wall of tulips on sale. I cannot resist the allure of flowers so these quickly went in my cart. Which now brings you your May wallpaper!

There's three wallpapers in the zip, the calendar, picture without calendar and the full size (rmbp sized) for your computer or iPad.

The calendar in the back with the avocado is from Rifle Paper Co  and so is the case. Really, what is new. The bee notebook is from Jonathan Adler which I bought at Barnes and Noble last year. 


w/Cal ❤︎ blank ❤︎ full size

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