June iPhone Backgrounds

Monday, June 8

A week or two ago I had some requests for wallpapers from some of my pictures. It took me a while to get around to resizing and editing (sorry, ladies) and I also wanted to add a couple extras so it wouldn't be just two lonely pictures.

Also, at this point I couldn't be more in love with my iPhone (6 Plus), these are all iPhone pictures! If you're still on the fence, go for the Plus!


June Calendar

Monday, June 1

Yesterday was an impromptu beach day.  It was 84F and oh so hot but once we got there it had turned somewhat gloomy, which did end up making some beautiful pictures.

Newport Beach

Newport Beach

None of the above pictures are edited! Straight from my iPhone! Now, I usually don't mind getting in and letting the waves massage my back a bit but I just finished Planet Earth (on Netflix) and lets just stick to pools for a bit. ^_~

The beach will always be one of my favorite places! -- I made the above picture and the all ocean one into a wallpaper as well, you can find all of them including the June calendar in the link below. ❤︎