The Wedge

July 1, 2015

My favorite place to be at is the beach. The sounds, smells, breeze.. ahh..

My favorite beach would have to be this one. Perfectly named The Wedge. It's in a corner hidden behind houses and unless you know the area well or drive to the end of the road lost (like I did when I found it lol) you miss it. Everyone stick to the main area which are the piers. Which I love just as much but there's something about less crowds and more rocks.

Last week I took a last minute trip to clear my head and fill my tummy with gelato. Obviously I ended here. Of course there is no trip without taking lots of pictures! ^_~

This beauty happens to be around the dock and every edit I did took away from the wonderful shades of blues. I decided to leave it as is, unedited.

I was standing/sitting on those rocks. After this shot I proceeded to get the heck out of there because the waves were getting too friendly for my taste and way too close to my feet. Mainly because I didn't want to lose my phone to the ocean. The shoes? Take 'em! My phone? Heck no!

Always look up!

With your mouth closed.. just in case.

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  1. If I could be anyway everyday for the rest of my life it would be the beach, the sea breeze, the sea hair everything about is just amazing. These photos are so lovely and look great unedited, because the blues are gorgeous