August Calendar

Sunday, August 2


A day late but here we are!

Now, if you follow me on Instagram or see my wonderful banner on my Twitter then my Disney love comes as no surprise. What is new is an addiction to the adorableness that is the Tsum Tsum game (free). My lovely friends, Bunnie + Kay, got me to download it and it's been my most opened app since!

image from Google

The game is just a connect 3+  puzzle with coins as incentives which allow you to get more characters. It's a pretty common concept but Disney's cuteness and the NEED for those premium (a bundle of your soul in coins) characters keep you at it! 

So,  Bunnie had a great idea for this months calendar: one that matches the (below) phone case. Brilliant! That pattern is no where to be found so I made one from Tsum Tsum's that I like and would trade my first born for.


The case is from eBay, a quick search will generate dozens of results. The calendar and notepad are from Rifle Paper Co.. as always. 

iphone 6 plus

These pocket notebooks are also from Rifle Paper Co.

I also found *this* image on Pinterest, which makes for a nice wallpaper as well. I've made a version without the calendar *preview* if you care just for the background.


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