Second Happiest Place on Earth

Monday, October 26


... At least for me. Like I've mentioned in previous posts, there's just something completely relaxing about the beach. It reminds me of this → "I love places that make you realize how small you and your problems are." ← When things get a tiny bit crazy, an impromptu beach trip is the answer. It does wonders and it's free!


And these views demand be photographed! Actually, on my drive there, I heard on the radio that a hammer head had been spotted near the pier (yes, that same one pictured) and shark watch was ON! Scary for swimmers but just as scary for sharks. It is their home after all... Either way, no, I did not see any sharks and there were plenty of swimmers and surfers in the water.

shot on iphone

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The iPhone (6s Plus) Camera

Friday, October 9


I love taking pictures. No real shocker there.

 The thing I look forward to with every iPhone release is the camera specs. At this point the iPhone has replaced DSLR for me. I'm still shopping around for a new one but with the iPhone 6s Plus I'm in no real hurry.

The newest lineup has a 12MP camera and a bunch of other specifications that I don't know what they mean but sound nice. I haven't really played around with the 4K video or Live Photos (accidental ones don't count) because I'm too busy being impressed with the camera! I noticed there's less noise, the colors are richer and brighter. I actually have to spend more time decreasing the effect of filters because the pictures are bright and balanced as is.

I have a couple of friends who don't know better and have Android devices and what I notice from their images is that their Android pictures were slightly warmer and more saturated, which is good in some scenarios but it tends to look unnatural. Especially for those of us who edit pictures like its our job. Like, no, let me control that! I don't have any Android knowledge so it's not a "iPhone is better" thing but it is, it's just what I've noticed. 

(But remember, it's been labeled iphoneography. =P) 

 Unlike before, there's no real need to adjust brightness/ contrast / saturation and all that. Yes, natural light and angles always do a subject favors but the iPhone (6s+) camera makes it so easy. 

Nighttime and bright light! Even post edit, there's very little noise. 

I always get asked what and how I edit my Instagram pictures. Like I mentioned, I adjust (either or a couple) brightness / saturation / temperature / contrast if needed and then lightly apply a filter that I feel brings out the subject or colors. I tend to rotate between, VSCOcam, Mextures and Enlight. Recently though, I've used the filters and editing tools within the Instagram app. They've really stepped it up and there's a couple of things that even my trio of choice don't have. 

This is obviously not an in-depth review, there's so many out there right now and can (actually) be helpful if you're deliberating whether to upgrade or not. This is my personal opinion and preference. 
But coming from the 6 Plus, I think it's worth the upgrade. 

Like mentioned in the previous post, I have a Flickr album dedicated to pictures taken with the 6s Plus. Instagram still compresses images (although not as bad as before) but you can see them in their full glory on my Flickr and the others I don't post there or here. ❤︎

October Calendar + iPhone 6s Plus

Thursday, October 1

rifle paper co

It is that time again.
What seems to be everyone's (including myself) favorite season is upon us.

This past Summer was a crazy one for me and I didn't get to post enough (in this space) as much as I would like. Hopefully with the "better" season (I'd say weather but, it's California, lets be real) I can get back in the hang of things.


Almost two weeks ago the S version of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released. Of course I got mine. I no longer fool myself into believing I can wait the two years and it's not that big of a difference blah blah blah...  I WANT.
I choose the 6s Plus (can't go back to small!) in the Rose Gold option. My initial choice before the event was the Space Gray but upon seeing the pink I knew I needed. I feared it'd be too pink and I'd end up hating it because there's days when your mood is blacker than Space Gray and you don't need a bright pink phone mocking you. Luckily, it's much lighter than the stock photos and I quite like that about it.
The main reason why I wanted it was for the camera. The first big upgrade in a while and that 4K video. Sure, I've (mainly) only used it on my cats but I took some pictures of a fountain at night and WOW... Good job Apple.

I've created a new folder in my Flickr account just for pictures taken (and edited) with the 6s Plus.

rifle paper co


The new iPhone announcement introduced a new version (and colors) of their silicone cases. Their silicone cases are some of my favorite. They're slim, have a nice grip and super easy to wipe clean. I couldn't decide so I got all three colors I was contemplating. Lavender, Orange and Turquoise. They all look great with the Rose Gold. No complaints here.

iPhone 6s Plus

... And for the main event: October's calendar!

October is my favorite month. You can watch Hocus Pocus as many times as you want without being judged and usually ABCFamily encourages you with nightly showings. There's all the pumpkins (not artificially flavored stuff, actual pumpkins) and, if California is lucky, cooler weather.

So of course I put a little more work in this months calendar. I sketched these guys without an actual purpose or idea and this is how it came together. Quite happy with it.


 Calendar  ✧  Blank