What's Your Favorite Color?

December 2, 2015

cotton headed ninny muggins

There's two movies that make me all jolly, Home Alone and Elf. Credit where it's due, I believe it was my brother, who's two years younger, that introduced me to Kevin McCallister's shenanigans. Through our childhood we burned through numerous VHS tapes and in adulthood I've gone through two DVD's.. It's just perfect all year round, if you ask me. Now, Elf I was able to watch in theaters and it's the only (other) holiday movie that has been able to share a spot with Home Alone. I find most too cheesy and rolling my eyes so much to the point where I'm afraid for my health.... but these two... Literal LOL's, always!

After tinkering in Photoshop CC for a bit, I came up with something I liked.. to honor my favorite Buddy.

I've also added the calendar to yesterdays (scroll down) extra wallpaper. < download >

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