Thursday, January 28

iPhone wallpaper

I've been doodling again! I've once more turned it into a wallpaper. I was working on my calendar for the month of February (which will be up Monday) and somehow this random wallpaper came about. I've made it for the MacBook Pro (retina sized), iPad (Air 2 sized) and, of course, the iPhone.

And this one I made just for myself but figured I'd share for my God loving ladies. It's hard to speak of religion within social media. Everyone tends to get offended and personally victimized just by the way someone breathes, it seems. Simply scroll past this ones if it's not your thing. I believe what I believe and I respect what others do or don't as well. The way it should be. -- For MacBook, iPad and iPhone as well. 

Apple Watch

Friday, January 22

Kate Spade iPhone

If you saw this Instagram post, you already know two weeks ago my guy surprised me with an Apple Watch. I had sent him to pick me up a Jawbone 3, which I had reserved at Best Buy, but he thought this was more me. "So all your stuff matches." 
First of all, I didn't care nor want an Apple Watch. Of course, now I'm giving it a fair shot because it's such a sweet and thoughtful gift. I didn't like the sport band since they look clunky to me. I actually liked (look wise) the Stainless Steel Case with Milanese Loop one. I was not about to pay $700 for something I didn't even want. Technology I didn't think I'd need/use. So, within the first hour of getting mine I had placed an Amazon order for a replacement band. I think it's because my wrist is so small and it just looks weird in the sports one. I have a 38mm, by the way.

iPhone 6s Plus

For those who've followed my blog(s) since the Blackberry days, you're aware of my once, loud, love for pink and black. This is what led me to choose a black band instead of a milanese loop one. I also wanted it to look like an oversized mens watch but with a hint of femininity (the pink). You can see it on my wrist here.

replacement band

I got this band from Amazon. Apple sells replacement ones but with that Apple price tag. Since I wasn't sure I was going to keep it, I didn't want to invest in it. So far, so good. It comes with a tool to help you remove links (you'll most likely have to) which I didn't even think of! It still looks great, these pictures are two weeks with it. I wash my hands often, clean tons, laundry every other day. A lot of activity. Very sturdy. The only issue with it is that I can't type with it on because it's like nails on a chalkboard when it hits my macbook.


If You Like Piña Coladas

iPhone wallpaper

I was to do some work or another, last night. Like the adult I am, I started doodling to procrastinate getting to it. I liked it enough to quickly make it into a wallpaper. Here it is for your enjoyment!

iPhone Wallpapers

A dark version for those of you who don't like the black font. It's actually my favorite, hence the frequency of light wallpapers.


My 2015 Favorites

Tuesday, January 12

Too late?



Technically, December 2016 is too late but you know what I mean.

I had decided not to do a favorites lists because A) how to choose?!! everything is awesome B) there are so many out there in video form and blog C) it seemed liked a lot of work, to be honest.

Somehow I convinced myself and here we are.

  I decided to do one A) to look back on once I'm in a retirement home and blogs are regarded as "back in my day.." things. B) they're quite fun to read and watch and C) I promised I wouldn't feature super duper obvious-everyone-and-their-mom-has-featured-it-as-a-favorite things. Looking at you Serial, you addictive son of a gun.

 By the way, nothing wrong with those.

Lets get started!

Music and beauty (the next category) were the toughest choices! There's so many I loved and played on a loop but for the sake of this not taking years, these are the ones that surprised me the most. In terms of how amazing the entire album was and how everything flowed.

▸ I've mentioned before how The Weepies are my favorite duo. Obviously, the minute I could pre-order their new album I did! I even saw them live in L.A , front row and everything! It was nothing short of amazing.

Leon Bridges was an iTunes recommendation based on previous purchases and that feature was so on point with this one. His voice is soothing and soulful.

Sam Smith is one I ignored for as long as I could because it was just everywhere. I think his album was $6.99 at some point and I purchased it because I loved the other songs more than the main hits. I also purchased the extra ones in the re-release (drowning shadows edition) and OH.YES!

▸ Nerina Pallot.. couldn't find the link for this one (they're all linked within the artists name btw), it seems she may have removed it from iTunes. Heaven Helped Us (start 9:35) was my most played song the first half of 2015.

▸ Biggest shocker of all! Selena Gomez! A friend (who has superb music taste) said she quite enjoyed it which made me very curious! I listened and I actually really liked the last two of this deluxe version. You can find them on my Spotify playlist.

Greg Holden. I heard him through NPR Radio and had to get his album because the melodies were just amazing! Boys in the Street is one that makes me cry! That good, that powerful.

Vanessa Carlton. Fell in love with her style with Rabbits on the Run and this one did not disappoint, so much talent.

We Love Disney, if you read my about me, I mentioned my Disneyland love. This one was an obvious purchase. Some of the songs were eh. Some artists can't/shouldn't do ballads much as they may try. I loved the ones where the artists brought their style and sound to the song instead of trying to recreate. Spoonful of Sugar is just genius. I'm not a country music person but such a good spin.
▸ I owned both, previous, EP's from The Paper Kites so this album was an obvious buy.. it's a little different than their EP's but different doesn't necessarily mean bad.. they're just as great.

Morning, Beach

Monday, January 4


If you read my New Year post from last year you know that I ended up going to the beach because of how early I woke. Well, this year we decided to do it again because it just felt good last year. It was peaceful and relaxing to be up before most and to enjoy that quiet time. Although we spent New Years Eve with family and wouldn't wake so close to the beach we decided to get up early, before 6am, to catch the first sunrise and to have a couple of moments before regularly scheduled programming (aka everyday life) returned. We decided on Manhattan Beach and it was nothing short of wonderful! It was colder than expected but it was so serene. There were already surfers there (7:30am, brrr) and various people working out.
Wonderful, nonetheless.



Look at all never-ending blue! Seriously, it's so easy to fall in love with this place. It probably reads like I'm smoking something really good but, I swear, I just love the beach.
Also, a couple of people pointed out a seal because they saw me taking pictures but I never saw it or it never came back up. I need to Google how long they can stay underwater... or say a few words in its name.

January Calendar (2016)

iPhone 6s plus

A couple of days late but here we are!

I decided to really enjoy the last few days of the holidays before I dedicated some time to my blog. I was working on a widget and figured it'd take no more than an hour. Ha, because of the craziness in my schedule it ended up taking days. Hence it being inaccessible. If you ever find it asking it for your email or something, it's under construction or, more truthfully, I was playing designer and I messed something up. I go private while I try to fix it because as much as I want to be cool and relaxed, I'm a perfectionist. So.

While I was "in there" I decided to redo it all together. A little bit more of that simplicity that's easy on the eyes but also easier to find whatever you're looking for. I typically upload my wallpapers to CloudApp but I have a limited free account (premium would be a waste), I created a Dropbox folder for the months where I share more. All extras (except the calendar ones) I share during 2016 will be in that one folder for your viewing pleasure. If you're on a computer you can see the banner on top with social media links (if you're on a mobile device scroll all the way to the bottom for social media), there's a permanent linked Dropbox icon to said folder. No need to save the link or copy and paste it for safekeeping.

This months wallpaper is a bit California themed. Sunny, cheery and makes it seem like January is a summer month. Included is a little excerpt from a song I annoyed my parents with all throughout Middle School. (I'm sure I'll pay for that one someday..) The Beatles discography (or some, there's some missing) became available on Spotify and it was the perfect time to get them stuck in my head!

Hope you enjoy!

BLANK (in Dropbox)