Apple Watch

Friday, January 22

Kate Spade iPhone

If you saw this Instagram post, you already know two weeks ago my guy surprised me with an Apple Watch. I had sent him to pick me up a Jawbone 3, which I had reserved at Best Buy, but he thought this was more me. "So all your stuff matches." 
First of all, I didn't care nor want an Apple Watch. Of course, now I'm giving it a fair shot because it's such a sweet and thoughtful gift. I didn't like the sport band since they look clunky to me. I actually liked (look wise) the Stainless Steel Case with Milanese Loop one. I was not about to pay $700 for something I didn't even want. Technology I didn't think I'd need/use. So, within the first hour of getting mine I had placed an Amazon order for a replacement band. I think it's because my wrist is so small and it just looks weird in the sports one. I have a 38mm, by the way.

iPhone 6s Plus

For those who've followed my blog(s) since the Blackberry days, you're aware of my once, loud, love for pink and black. This is what led me to choose a black band instead of a milanese loop one. I also wanted it to look like an oversized mens watch but with a hint of femininity (the pink). You can see it on my wrist here.

replacement band

I got this band from Amazon. Apple sells replacement ones but with that Apple price tag. Since I wasn't sure I was going to keep it, I didn't want to invest in it. So far, so good. It comes with a tool to help you remove links (you'll most likely have to) which I didn't even think of! It still looks great, these pictures are two weeks with it. I wash my hands often, clean tons, laundry every other day. A lot of activity. Very sturdy. The only issue with it is that I can't type with it on because it's like nails on a chalkboard when it hits my macbook.


This is not a review on the watch. It's been out for months and there's so many great ones already. Plus, I'm still learning it.
 I am considering sticking with the Jawbone for the next one. I even considered returning this and getting a Jawbone like the initial plan. Some features are great though. I love the phone calls because I don't have to run like a crazy downstairs when my phone is ringing and it's not important. Or when it is and I don't hear the phone and forget to check because it's on silent. sorry mom! I love the reminders from my task/todo apps. Those are two things I never thought I'd like so much! but the main focus is not fitness. Which is what I want and get from Jawbone. Fitness is an afterthought or it feels like overall productivity is it's main goal. Jawbone automatically registered my sleep which for an insomniac is amazing because I have something to show my doctor. Jawbone was all in one app, with the watch, the one thing that makes iOS great becomes a nuisance. I don't want to have to use 4 apps. Health, Activity and whatever other fitness/health ones you need/like. Basically, I like it enough to keep it on my wrist. OS updates or additions on the 2 (when released) will determine if I'd upgrade.

Cats and Apple Watch

The cutest most welcomed photo bombers!  I went upstairs when I thought they'd remain playing with the dogs downstairs. But they're kittens. 'Nuff said. gotta earn that kibble.

Rose Gold Apple Watch

Since I decided to keep it. It was time to get a stand! It charges from the bottom and I didn't want it to scratch or drag on my dresser. Especially, at first, doubting the durability of the replacement band. There were some pretty ones... but they were more than I cared to spend. I'm surprisingly cheap for some things. $60 case? Sure, great quality such a good deal! $30 stand? What the heck, why so expensive?!
I went with this one. Great middle ground and gets the job done!

Thumbs up on the replacement band and dock.
We'll see later this year if the watch makes me a believer. The kind that upgrades.


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