January Calendar (2016)

January 4, 2016

iPhone 6s plus

A couple of days late but here we are!

I decided to really enjoy the last few days of the holidays before I dedicated some time to my blog. I was working on a widget and figured it'd take no more than an hour. Ha, because of the craziness in my schedule it ended up taking days. Hence it being inaccessible. If you ever find it asking it for your email or something, it's under construction or, more truthfully, I was playing designer and I messed something up. I go private while I try to fix it because as much as I want to be cool and relaxed, I'm a perfectionist. So.

While I was "in there" I decided to redo it all together. A little bit more of that simplicity that's easy on the eyes but also easier to find whatever you're looking for. I typically upload my wallpapers to CloudApp but I have a limited free account (premium would be a waste), I created a Dropbox folder for the months where I share more. All extras (except the calendar ones) I share during 2016 will be in that one folder for your viewing pleasure. If you're on a computer you can see the banner on top with social media links (if you're on a mobile device scroll all the way to the bottom for social media), there's a permanent linked Dropbox icon to said folder. No need to save the link or copy and paste it for safekeeping.

This months wallpaper is a bit California themed. Sunny, cheery and makes it seem like January is a summer month. Included is a little excerpt from a song I annoyed my parents with all throughout Middle School. (I'm sure I'll pay for that one someday..) The Beatles discography (or some, there's some missing) became available on Spotify and it was the perfect time to get them stuck in my head!

Hope you enjoy!

BLANK (in Dropbox)

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