February Calendar

Monday, February 1

Rose Gold iPhone 6s Plus

Pretty sure January was just a catch up on the last bit of holiday craziness month. At least that's how it was for me! Sometime during the month I ordered (from Amazon) some acrylic hearts. They're for Valentine's Day purposes but I ended up liking them enough to take a few pictures and make it this months calendar. You can see the full pictures here and here on Flickr.

Yes, I know, pink hearts for February is so out of the box. What can I say, much creative..

The pictured planner is the Simplified Planner from EmilyLey.com. They're no longer in stock on the website but you can find other sellers via their link at the bottom of the page. Is actually where I got mine. From a different online shop. It was a much better deal.


I was actually setting up my planner for the week but decided to take pictures prior to writing in it.


I've mentioned my obsession with Disney but I figured these Belle stickers were perfect to mark my current read.. Much cute, yes?!!

 I got them from Etsy.

iPhone Wallpaper

Here it is!

 Per usual, I've also provided a blank version. Enjoy.

Cal   ♥︎  Blank


iPad Air Cal ♥︎ iPad Air Blank