Friday, March 4

Signs of Spring have sprung in The Golden State. A bit early as we seem to have skipped Winter with the exception of a few cold nights here and there. I'm a Spring baby so it has a special place in my heart. Spring brings warmer weather, blossoms, new beginnings... what's not to love?

A couple of days a week I let myself into my parents house to feed their (canine) girls.  If you've followed me on Instagram for a while, you're aware that my dads garden is something I photograph often. The man has the greenest of thumbs. He often calls me when he plants something new or when something he planted years ago starts sprouting. He knows I'm going to want to smell it and photograph the living ish out of it! But back to the point, two weeks ago as I was taking the pups out, I see his peach tree bursting in pink blossoms! I took a couple of pictures with my phone  and went back later that day with my camera. These are the pictures from that day. A couple of days after his apricot tree was covered in white blooms. I didn't take my camera for that but you can see it here, here and here.

Such beauties, right? They truly make me want to attend a Hanami Festival in Tokyo. Where people picnic underneath Sakura.
These babies will do for now.

March Calendar

Tuesday, March 1

Hello March! 
(↑ calendar wallpaper preview)

I've been a busy bee!
 I've spent a couple of weeks doodling and sketching. I've saved them all and have finally put them through Illustrator and made wallpapers out of a couple of them. I've linked the calendar wallpaper and a couple of extras. 

And what's a little photo shoot without a photobomb? ^_~ 


It goes without saying, these are for personal use only and are not to be edited nor distributed without linking back to this post. Capiche?