April Calendar

April 2, 2016

iPhone 6s Plus

A day late but here we are!
Technology was not my friend this week.
 It was most likely to do with the three million things on my todo* list (everyday!) and the lack of patience I had to figure out why this or why that.

(*We (neighbors and us) started to TNR (trap-neuter-release) the local ferals. They trap and we do the rest because they're more afraid of cats. One was pregnant, had her babies the next day, one of the babies was not moving very well.. another emergency room visit.. there's a really friendly one who's ready but we're working with a local group to get her adopted, instead. and THEN everyday stuff...)

Pineapple trinkets

Recently I updated my iPhone to iOS 9.3 and had no real issues with it. At least not the ones people were reporting. I updated to iOS 9.3.1 and then they showed up. Great! Apps freeze, randomly force close and Airdrop (on macbook) doesn't seem to recognize my phone. My feelings on it. 
I've mentioned that I prefer the black (lockscreen) clock as the reason why most of my wallpapers are on the light side. With iOS 9.3.1 my lockscreen became besties with that hideous gradient overlay. As much as I tried I couldn't get it to show up black on this months wallpaper. Tried other predominantly white wallpapers and those were fine. BLAH. Like I said, technology is not my friend right now.



These last few months (2016) I've started to get into pineapple trinkets and art. I'm pretty sure is because I started to see them more and more and well... who can resist cute/unnecessary items? I found the (white) candle and dish at Target.
Oh, and  I still don't like actual pineapples.
Unless it's in juice form drowned in vodka. 

And the wallpaper!

 Easter Sunday I visited The Flower Fields ... DREAMY.

This months wallpaper is courtesy of that visit. There's a post in the works for next week with those pictures and couple of wallpapers from that trip. Until then, enjoy this one!

 I've uploaded the calendar and a blank version in the Dropbox folder linked at the top of the page (all the way to the bottom in mobile) because Droplr (usual) was an angsty teen this week.



  1. 😍 love! thanks for continuing to make these! I love them every month!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Yasmin.♥︎ Glad you enjoy and they'll be around for a while. ^_~