Friday, April 29


The day before my birthday I had a doctors appointment. No more than five minutes away from my doctor is the beach and a favorite eatery of mine. It has turned into a wonderful routine: doctor, food, beach. I actually look forward to these appointments!
The week in question was one filled with showers and overcast weather.

  In other words, a birthday gift from the gods because it's my favorite weather. 


This particular day was no different. Very murky. The magic of editing makes it look warmer than it actually was. I was shooed away by the sprinkling and the need to protect my camera and phone. Priorities.


The beach is always the most relaxing place. So serene.
Dozens of others but the view is so mesmerizing that it feels like it's just you and big blue.


I always get asked if there's wallpapers in posts where I don't include any. I test them to make sure they won't obscure the clock and date. Some are great pictures but don't work as wallpapers and I am using these, so if I don't actually use them, I don't post them.

waves  ❀  birds

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