Sephora Spring Sale (2016)

April 19, 2016

perfume collection

Last year I mentioned waiting to make any Sephora purchases until April to take advantage of the VIB Rouge sale. This year I acknowledged it was coming up but forgot about it until the minute I was ordering. I went through my 'loves' and added away! It ended up in a two way split: Things I wanted to try but did not want to pay full price for and items I needed to restock on.

This is my vanity setup. I need more vanity but I'm really attached to this one. My mom gifted it to me a couple of birthdays ago before she moved to Minnesota and it's been my baby ever since. The lights were added all around to make it old Hollywood but, more importantly, to allow me to see every single pore! Liquid eyeliner is always conquered with these babies on.


Let's start with the items that stick out from the vanity picture, my perfume collection. I've mentioned (in my about me up there↑) a big thing for me is smells/scent. I have the nose of a bloodhound. No, really! I've been upstairs and I shout "Are you eating a snickers bar?" ... I can smell it upstairs. I hate Snickers bars, which probably doesn't help. For the last year or so I've avoided eggs because I can't stand the smell, it's non-pregnancy-related nauseating. I digress. I've always been attracted to fragrances. I was thirteen or fourteen when my mom gifted me my first adult perfume (none fruity teen body spray). To this day it's still a tradition and she gifts dad and me a fragrance for our birthdays or Christmas. Dad and I share a passion for fragrances.

From Sephora I bought Ralph by Ralph Lauren and Happy by Clinique. These two and Miracle by Lancôme are the three I doused myself in all throughout High School. They're the ones that will make me write angry, strong worded, letters if they're ever discontinued. Or more realistically go on eBay and find the vending machine version of them. 
I turned twenty-seven this month. This exchange has been going on for over a decade. Mom and I are under an unspoken agreement where we know I know one present I'm getting. I pass along a sample that I've been loving and low and behold... Joyful by Escada. Thanks, Mom! 
Now this one smells very much like peonies. Very soft and fresh. Sandalwood undertones intertwine perfectly. Joyful was released this Spring and I got sucked into it's delicate aroma from a Sample in a previous Sephora order. Yes, this is how they get us!

Others I'm loving and will eventually give into waiting on a sale for are: Dolce Rosa Excelsa by Dolce&Gabanna, 'Replica' Flower Market by Maison Martin Margiela and Le Jardin de Monsieur Li by Hermès.


Becca blushes are my absolute favorites! At least for now. They're smooth like butter, really pigmented, long lasting and they give you a natural flushed look, not like you just miserably failed your first mile run in school. Ya know?
I'm on the fair side and I've learned the in the most horrible of ways that peachy/coral tones are what work best with my complexion. I've found the Becca ones to be the exception, though. I own deeper shades of theirs and with a light hand, they still look great. At least that's what I tell myself.
This one is TigerLily from their newest Shimmering Skin Perfector blushes. I have used it at this point and don't let the idea of shimmer scare you. It doesn't apply as straight up glitter on your cheeks.

Others I'm lusting over: Camellia and Snapdragon from the same collection.


A little something for the hair.
The Living Proof is a restock and the Klorane is one I added to my 'loves' after a night of online browsing.

I have curly, long, hair and this 5-in-1 Styling Treatment leaves my hair so soft, frizz free and it doesn't weight it down. The Klorane Conditioning Balm makes my hair feel amazing! It smells (!) wonderful and my hair feels moisturized right out of the shower.
The Tangle Teezer was a last minute purchase since it had so many great reviews. I don't struggle with painfully tangled hair, but regular brushing can easily make my curls pouffy and frizzy. This changes all that and it feels like a massage! I'm even getting one for my mom.

body butter

I love Josie Maran products. I use the Argan Oil every single day! Last years haul introduced me to the Body Butter and it's simply the best. Most take forever to dry and you end up feeling them on like a phantom bug. This one is so light and sinks in immediately with the most pleasant, subtle, fragrance. I decided to go wild and buy a scent I've never smelled nor tried in person. Thanking all my lucky stars that it wasn't a disappointment. This is the Jasmine one and it's perf.

When I saw the face butter a couple of weeks ago (online) I added it to my list immediately! Not the least bit disappointed. I think it's more for normal skin for it may not be as strong for dry.


Let's break the post with the only coverage I've been sticking to for the last few months. I wasn't going to make a whole post dedicated to it, figured it'd fit perfectly in this one.

The Born This Way foundation is one of the best full coverage foundations I've used. I actually have two because Summer is when I first bought it and when Fall and Winter started I needed to mix and dilute with others since it was a tad too dark. I use this on mainly on weekends and nights out. or when I know I'm going to be running into people I hate . It blends perfectly into your neck, it doesn't feel heavy or cling to dry patches and no oiliness after hours (normal skin, for reference).

I had to order this Nars Tinted Moisturizer because my local Sephora's only had the tester of my shade, Alaska. This is incorporated into my five minute daily makeup routine. Where I don't want to look like a zombie but I don't have time for a complicated application. It's moisturizing, it has SPF and has great coverage. A must! Eyebrows (coming up!) and mascara and we're set.

My current concealer is Urban Decay's Naked Concealer. You put it on and it does not budge! Same with the Skin Correcting Fluid. My cheeks are quite sensitive to the heat and they get an unflattering shade of red when the day feels like hell is summoning me. This magical thing helps even the canvas out.

benefit cosmetics

I have full, thick eyebrows. So a natural approach on my everyday minimal thing is not going to happen. These babies have plans of their own. Looking good and making my life easier is not one of them. Last year via another order I received a sample of the Gimme Brow Fiber Gel and holy crap... MAGIC. You know how some people lick the wrapper of certain candy bars because they're that good? That's what I did with the sample of this. I use a couple of Anastasia products in combination with Anastasia brushes but, like mentioned above, it's not always in the routine because I rather sleep those extra five minutes, to be honest. This makes them look like you took your sweet time when it literally was a minute. I have to mention, I get my eyebrows threaded (twelve year old me knows not to trust me with tweezers, bless my confidence) every other week, so it does help tremendously because they're already shaped and even.

In between appointments my eyebrows decide to try to match my hair and curl. Randomly. Out of place. In unflattering ways. Enter Speed Brow. It's good, it's tinted, it keeps them in their place. It works. If you want to choose one or the other, go with the fiber gel.


Last but certainly not least, because I can go on forever. Shopping that is, not typing. 

This highlighter palette is very hyped up at the moment and for very good reason. I tried it on a bare face and I loved how it sinked in and still looked natural. I loved the Becca highlighters at the beginning but  they just sit there, very obvious and unflattering. They just don't blend! These look like you have a, delicate, natural glow from sleeping 10 hours every night when you've only slept 10 in a week, combined. I got the Gleam, without trying it in store, because the wonderful ladies who take the time to review suggested that one for lighter tones. They did not steer me wrong. You girls rock! 

My favorite mascara. Forever and ever. I tried a Marc Jacobs one recently and ... meh. I have long, thick, lashes (thanks Glaucoma eyedrops! and ancestors) and that one flaked and clumped them up. Better Than Sex (we'll have to agree to disagree on the name) makes my lashes look like I just got extensions. It's one of the things I'm complimented (by my cat) on the most.

And the birthday goodies from Sephora. Marc Jacobs mascara may be a flop for me but I own a couple of eyeliners and they have staying power! Great combo!

That's all folks.

 I hope I've helped you fill online carts with stuff you won't really checkout for weeks!

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