The Flower Fields

April 13, 2016


This year, I spent Easter amongst 50 acres of ranunculus. My version of heaven on earth. I have not been shy of my obsessions with all things flowers. Their fragrance, their colors and delicacy.. ah. I could go on for days! Of course, the minute I saw this place ... wait for it ... via the popular page on my Instagram, I knew I had to visit The Flower Fields in San Diego County.

Thanks, algorithm makers!

I just realized around the same time last year I visited the Poppy Reserve. Spring 2017, I'm looking forward to you!


This is the picture I used for April's calendar wallpaper. (here) You can download the calendar and blank version for your mobile devices.

The view from the top of the hill. There's a shopping center right in front and an amazing view of the ocean.

There's an option to add a wagon tour/ride to your ticket. I added that ASAP. Homegirl has short legs add that to 50 acres of uphill walking and wanting to avoid sweating at all costs ... it makes sense. It was actually a great idea because there were different drop off spots all over the fields. You could stop and enjoy this area for a bit and once done catch the next wagon, which is just a tractor with a trailer.

Picture spot! There's a couple of places within the fields where they've set benches for you to sit and take pictures with the fields in the background. This is one of them. I love this picture of these strangers. Child, you wait! lol

The odd ones out within fields of a, different, specific color were my favorites. Little rule breakers!

The Flower Fields

Of course, there is no flower themed post without a couple of wallpapers! 


  1. Hi may I know what camera do u use besides your iPhone? I'm looking for a camera for traveling :)

    1. Hi, Kylie.

      I use a Canon Mark II. Previously I stuck with a Nikon D5200. Both wonderful in their own lane but I'd recommend Canon. You don't have to get a ginormous DSLR. I've heard great things from the Canon Powershot line. Very affordable and very impressive photos from it. Hope I've helped some. ♥︎