April 22, 2016

floral background

Here's a second installment of wallpapers. The first was posted in January and I figured I'd make it a series to bundle up random wallpapers that don't really need a dedicated post.

I have rose bushes all around my home and right about this time is when they're the most beautiful. I'm always running for my camera or phone to capture them for the umpteenth time. A lot of times I delete them or they just sit in my memory card without a purpose. Today was a different story. These were freshly cut and looked so perfect with the bright sunlight. I grabbed my camera and snapped away!

Mama, there's a girl in the castle!

This is the picture I was working on. Much art, much Tumblr.
I received a Barnes and Noble gift card for my birthday and like the child I am, I spent it immediately. Seriously behind on your TBR? Solution: Buy more books.

Pictured is my iPad Pro (9.7") and Apple Pencil. I'm planning a post on that in the next few of weeks.

flower wallpaper

It's so bright and cheerful, I had to resize it to fit my retina Macbook Pro. 


Speaking of bright and cheery. A couple of days ago I found myself in the Kate Spade store. Their spring collection is very bee inspired and I want it all. But Spring nor retail prices last forever. ^_~ I had seen this and this case but the 6s Plus version are only available at Nordstrom. In the back I saw this 'Falling Daisies' and wasn't too excited. I asked the sales woman if I could try it on and it looked a million times better than I thought. Simple, feminine and not embarrassingly childish. *thumbs up* We chatted up a bit and I jokingly said if she wanted to add a discount code, I wouldn't mind... and she did! We're bffs now. 
Kate Spade and Sonix make some of the cutest cases and it's hard to not buy them all. 

Every Wednesday I make a wallpaper for TEKSide. I keep those wallpapers exclusive to TEKSide. So if you like these type of posts, check them out

As a once in a while disclaimer: these are for personal use and for wallpaper purposes only

I take/edit/draw/sketch them all. Regarding this specific post, I drew the cats and stars and worked them into wallpapers. Enjoy but play nice. 



  1. This has to be one of my fav mbp wallpapers ever! so beautiful! thank you so much for sharing :)


  2. It's so pretty. Where did you buy the cup btw? I'm also a big fan of beauty and the beast (or am I wrong?)
    Love your post as always, x