August Calendar

Monday, August 1

My iPad Pro and I are still in our honeymoon phase so this months wallpaper is yet another love child. 

A couple of people have emailed me about what apps I'm using (on iPad Pro) and there aren't enough to dedicate a post to it so I'll list them here. For those of you who own one, I'll pass a tip that was passed along to me; install a matte screen protector. The pencil will still glide smoothly and it feels like actual pen/pencil on paper. 

In order of preference

The great thing about Procreate is that there's forums where individuals share their brushes. There are some that charge for them but the majority are free!

Here is your wallpaper! I sized them for Plus users as well since I had someone test the for me. 
Thanks, Bunnie. 

6s Cal  ⎢  6s Blank  ⎢  Plus Cal  ⎢  Plus Blank