November Calendar

Thursday, November 3

iPhone calendar

This is the month where we see a lot of messages about gratitude. It's something that should be practiced daily, of course.

Update regarding my last post ...  all of Minnie's brothers had bloodwork done and they came back normal. At the beginning of October they went on to their home. I'm thankful for that. 

Thank you to all the ones who took the time to read the post in its entirety and took the time to message me. 

Now to this months wallpaper!

iPhone november calendar

I don't do anything pumpkin flavored (we've killed it) but definitely small decorative pumpkins.

I've included an extra one. This was the one I planned to use for this months calendar but no matter the placement, it took away from the picture. This one is sized bigger and fits all iPhones, just pinch to move and scale.