Pink Christmas

December 4, 2016

macbook wallpaper

December is the month, wallpaper wise, that really tested my patience. A couple of times I muttered something about it being the last one I did and why did bad things happen to good people.
Dramatic I am not (obviously), perfectionist... extremely.
I ended up taking the pictures mid November and after I wasted hours trying to edit them to satisfaction, I accepted that I wasn't happy with the lighting in the original images. Sigh. All that work... 


Better lighting. It was a bit difficult to edit them in a way where the pink remained obvious, bright but not obnoxious making everything illegible. Three days later (you read that right), I was content. I could continue messing with it but it's best for my sanity to leave well enough alone type of content.
One of the features I hate in iOS it's the added gradient anytime you apply any light-ish wallpaper. It's sooo ugly and kills most pictures. I had the lovely task to figure out which angle of the picture to work with so that the black font would be automatic. After a couple of days, I'm proud to say I didn't find such angle... but I did find a way around it. Pinch and zoom until satisfied with all your life choices that have led you down this path; where you give too many f's about the clock color on your lockscreen.

iPhone 7

I find it a little odd that for someone who switches wallpapers on iPhone frequently, my MacBook can have the same one for months. Sometimes, likes this month, I like to go a little wild and make my devices match. Yes, they're different but it's what looked best to my super picky eye. I will never make something I won't personally use. Hence no reds or greens around here. Can't stand those.

iPhone 7

I was at Anthropologie (one of my favorite stores) and picked this out on a whim. I was unsure about the tint but I ended up liking. Christmas sweater ornament is from Pottery Barn.

iPhone 7

And two extra wallpapers! -- This is one to match the MacBook one and I'm attaching a pink bokeh one from these same pictures. They're all sized for the bigger iPhones so you guys with the smaller ones:pinch and zoom. Also do this if you rather the black clock font.

A typo could really spice up those last three words. ^_~

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