August Calendar + Extras

August 2, 2017

iPhone background

August is when the "fun" element of Summer comes to an end. Children go back to school, the flannels come out and we're that much closer to Halloween!

This wallpaper represents Summer coming to an end, for some. Californians will continue avoiding heat strokes until December, probably.
So our pools will continue until that one, Fall-ish, week.
Therefore, this one is for the rest of you!

iPhone background

Download Calendar, blank and all others here.


July Calendar Wallpaper

July 1, 2017

July's calendar is me being wild and edgy. 

AKA using a color I don't care for. 

Red and green (I'm sure I've mentioned) are two colors I dislike. Hence no wallpapers with those two colors as the main attraction. However, I wanted to be a bit patriotic (Fourth of July) without flags or stars. After testing a couple of reds, I found a shade that didn't automatically remind me of Dexter.

My favorite color is *hint: Apple Pencil cover* cerulean blue, followed by *hint: glasses* navy blue.
Navy blue brought everything together better.

May everyone and their pets have a safe Independence Day.

June Calendar

June 3, 2017

iPhone wallpaper

I got myself an iPhone 7 Plus around two weeks ago. I'm still adjusting to the size and I may not fully (to be honest) but the camera is something that has me with heart eyes.

This picture (wallpaper) was taken with the Portrait Mode option and the image rendered was perfect enough to be a wallpaper.

I have a post planned with the other pictures from my must-photograph-everything-for-the-first-few-days, days. Keep an eye out for that!

Until then, enjoy this one.


May 5, 2017

nature shots

I take a lot of pictures. 

I allow myself to be in the moment (whichever moment) but it's still worth looking back on so I snap away. The majority of said photos are never really posted. Variations of them may have found their way into one of my social media accounts but one picture of any one thing is enough (for me) so the rest just sit in my camera roll. 

Figured I'd share them in collages before I forget all about them. Spring has been awfully generous with its blossoms therefore there are dozens upon dozens of those type of pictures in my camera roll. I made a couple of those into wallpapers, of course.

These are all taken with my iPhone (7).

nature shots
nature shots
nature shots
angels baseball
flower shots
nature shots


TOP ROW: 1, 2, 3

BOTTOM ROW: 1, 2, 3

May Calendar

I had decided to skip this months calendar for the sake of making my to-do list smaller. I figured it would bother me, down the year, when there was this one month without one. So...

Here it is.

From Instagram ~ Vol.1

April 20, 2017

In the last couple of weeks I've received some requests to make certain Instagram pictures into wallpapers. I don't make promises about those pictures because they may not resize well. For starters, the pictures are taken with my iPhone (I use DSLR for actual wallpapers) and if I add any edits within the Instagram app, it renders a smaller image size and lower resolution. I'm really picky about that, hence some don't end up happening. As well as that issue, many are too busy and don't look good (at all) as wallpapers and if I wouldn't actually use it, then I won't post it.

Of course, if I was going to make a post of it, I looked through my camera roll and found a couple of others that made great wallpapers. These are all taken with iPhone 7!

Left  /  Middle  / Right  

Left  / Middle  /  Right

That's all for now. 

I have a picture (iPhone) heavy post planned for next week. I take dozens of pictures and I post on social media frequently but there's always dozens that I never do. (Spring has been awfully beautiful this year.) Of course, there will be wallpapers. 


April Calendar

April 4, 2017

The Future is Female

I wanted a simple, soft, minimal look for April's calendar. I hated all versions. Simple and effortless (anything) takes a lot of work ... she re-learned seven version in

Pastel blues that remind me of spring and picnics. 

I've accepted Sonix ending up with all my money... 

One of my favorite quotes, not just from Harry Potter but ever. In case you need it. ♥︎

Seas the Day

March 28, 2017

Canon Mark II

 I had planned on heading to the beach sometime in the next week but for some reason I decided to slather on some sunscreen and just drive down there.

I did have to stop at Best Buy because the memory card on my camera was full. 

I was not the only one with that mindset because, for a Monday at 1pm, it was packed. You'd think it was a weekend or Holiday. But the weather and water were perfect! I walked around and snapped some pictures. By the time I laid down, it got really windy and my glasses were blurred from the mist (I obviously plan very well).  It had been two hours, my exercise activity rings were filled, I had two hundred pictures... it was time to go!

Here are some pictures!

Canon Mark II

Canon Mark II

Canon Mark II

Canon Mark II

Canon Mark II

Canon Mark II

Canon Mark II

March Calendar

March 5, 2017

iPhone wallpaper

It's early March, not officially Spring, and everything around is blooming! Truly my favorite time of the year. I still love you, Fall.

My dad's Apricot tree has these pretty blossoms that I must incessantly photograph every year. If you look back on this blog, you'll see one too many picture-heavy posts.

iPhone Wallpapers
iPhone Wallpapers

This, I'm sure, is a product of all the rain California has experienced lately. This was the first blossoms which seemed perfect for March. Waiting around a week for it to be filled with them. Yes, for pictures. Yes, there'll be wallpapers.

March Calendar

February Calendar + Extra Wallpapers

February 11, 2017

valentines day wallpapers
This month's calendar wallpaper is a little late because there, actually, wasn't going to be one. I had the majority of the files ready to go, but come the beginning of February my eyes gave out. Because of previous issues, my ophthalmologist suggested I put away my computer for a couple of days and If I had to use my phone, to keep it on low brightness. LIKE A CAVE PERSON!!!

I'm no longer on that ban, but I'm taking it easy since my eyes are being delicate little flowers right now.

Like mentioned, I had all these designs made and ready to transfer weeks ago, all I had to do was size accordingly (sized for the Plus, pinch and zoom on smaller device) and upload. Figured the hardest part was done and I could push it a bit.

FYI, these all happened on my iPad Pro with the Procreate App.

from left to right

Enjoy and please remember these are for their stated purpose only. 

January Calendar

January 2, 2017

central perk
Calendar: Stendig from Crate & Barrel / iPhone Case: Nordstrom, Sonix exclusive / Hamm mug: Disney Store

It's a little Ebenezer of me, but I'm glad the holidays are over.

I think it's been due to my schedule the last year and the holidays tend to force more tasks to an already jam packed schedule. Perhaps for 2017 i'll have a better handle on balancing things. NOT.

Central Perk decal: Etsy / Cat: Target parking lot
While catching up on the last episodes of This is Us (what the emotional heck?), and without much thought, I started this pattern on my iPad Pro. Continued with it long after I caught up and it's this months calendar.

iPhone calendar
Candle: Target. Notebook: Inkwell Press. Marker Container: Target
Unrelated to the post but related to the image... One of my favorite cookbooks is Joy McCarthy's Joyous Health. Last January I did her online 10 Day Detox program and loved it. You could do it all yourself, of course, but just having to print and cook has a better chance of completion. And it's great not feeling so blah (clinical term) after the holidays. When I saw there was a book coming (Dec.2016) I couldn't click pre-order fast enough. If you're into taking care of your body and ditching unrealistic calorie counting, or just to come down from the weeks of sugar high... her books are the thing for you.

Non Plus users, pinch and zoom to make calendar bigger.