January Calendar

Monday, January 2

central perk
Calendar: Stendig from Crate & Barrel / iPhone Case: Nordstrom, Sonix exclusive / Hamm mug: Disney Store

It's a little Ebenezer of me, but I'm glad the holidays are over.

I think it's been due to my schedule the last year and the holidays tend to force more tasks to an already jam packed schedule. Perhaps for 2017 i'll have a better handle on balancing things. NOT.

Central Perk decal: Etsy / Cat: Target parking lot
While catching up on the last episodes of This is Us (what the emotional heck?), and without much thought, I started this pattern on my iPad Pro. Continued with it long after I caught up and it's this months calendar.

iPhone calendar
Candle: Target. Notebook: Inkwell Press. Marker Container: Target
Unrelated to the post but related to the image... One of my favorite cookbooks is Joy McCarthy's Joyous Health. Last January I did her online 10 Day Detox program and loved it. You could do it all yourself, of course, but just having to print and cook has a better chance of completion. And it's great not feeling so blah (clinical term) after the holidays. When I saw there was a book coming (Dec.2016) I couldn't click pre-order fast enough. If you're into taking care of your body and ditching unrealistic calorie counting, or just to come down from the weeks of sugar high... her books are the thing for you.

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