February Calendar + Extra Wallpapers

Saturday, February 11

valentines day wallpapers
This month's calendar wallpaper is a little late because there, actually, wasn't going to be one. I had the majority of the files ready to go, but come the beginning of February my eyes gave out. Because of previous issues, my ophthalmologist suggested I put away my computer for a couple of days and If I had to use my phone, to keep it on low brightness. LIKE A CAVE PERSON!!!

I'm no longer on that ban, but I'm taking it easy since my eyes are being delicate little flowers right now.

Like mentioned, I had all these designs made and ready to transfer weeks ago, all I had to do was size accordingly (sized for the Plus, pinch and zoom on smaller device) and upload. Figured the hardest part was done and I could push it a bit.

FYI, these all happened on my iPad Pro with the Procreate App.

from left to right

Enjoy and please remember these are for their stated purpose only.