Shooting + Editing on iPhone

Friday, December 29

Portrait Mode and VSCO X

The most asked question I get on Instagram is what app or filter I'm using.

All my pictures are via my iPhone. I think that's the point of "insta"gram but more importantly, I'm too lazy to drag my DSLR around and transfer images back and forth.

So, we have the same camera.

Some of my pictures are on an iPhone 5S because how do you shoot  a picture of your current iPhone when you want to be an obnoxious Instagram purist? Yes. Your old iPhone that's lying around.

I've had an Instagram account since 2011!  I still have some of those few pictures I posted then. It's like a journal at this point. I wear my valencia overuse proudly! 
At the time, I had multiple folders (before you could have multiple pages) with dozens of apps. I now stick with three editing apps and recently added two camera apps. But still use the default camera 97% of the time.

The apps I use, with the exception of one, have In-App Purchases. I'm including the memberships and/or filter packs offered within them. They're worth it. Play around with the brightness, contrast, strength and every other option. It's the best way achieve whatever look/style you have in mind. and learn new ones.

VSCO X -- it's a $19.99 yearly membership with monthly filters but you can buy them individually (I think) and you still have access to all the previous bundles purchased.

Mextures -- I think it has a learning curve but only because of how many possibilities. I use it for most my wallpapers, it can be a light touch or a dramatic twist.

A Color Story -- I've had this for years but started using it months ago when I noticed they started adding more packs that appealed more to me. Similar to VSCO but within their own style/label.

Halide Camera -- I've been using this for a little over a month and I like it more with every update. They're rich, raw, photographs but you need to have a still subject most of the time. Still, the result is better than the default camera.

Hipstamatic -- This one has been in rotation the last two weeks. I have a lot of packs I purchased in the iPhone 4s era but couldn't get into the camera view then.. but now it can be a regular grid view or the classic way. It's also much faster, but like Halide, you need to have the focus of your picture available for a couple of mins. Launching the camera, changing the film... the cat is not going to wait that long!