About Me

Lets start with this question. For long time followers,  I don't think I've ever explained it but I have heard it used/understood wrong.
My name starts with a B. My nickname has been Bee ever since sixth grade. Now, adult Bee made a Twitter and for some odd reason decided to delete it and make a new one. ( I was young and dumb. I'm not young anymore.) The previous username had my previous smartphone in it it's name. Following my previous recipe for 'cool' I added the i for it's actual meaning and to represent iPhone. Bees = am because I ooze creativity. And the last b is my initial but also bee... I am B(ee).

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Reading ⇢ my favorites
  • Cute stationary ⇢ hi, Rifle and Target Dollar Bin
  • Disneyland ⇢ annual pass holder because Happiest Place on Earth!
  • Cooking / Hosting 
  • Podcasts ⇢ list 
  • Home renovation - DIY TV 
  • Trying all the latest and greatest beauty products
  • Well polished nails ⇢ addiction
  • Fresh flowers in my home ⇢ always a must
  • Leaving a lot to the imagination
  • F・R・I・E・N・D・S
  • Coffee 
  • Tea
  • Cute Mugs
  • Perfumes ⇢ Huge collection! Scents/smells are a big thing for me.
  • The beach
  • iPhone cases ⇢ insert flying money emoji
  • Expressing myself via music ⇢ Spotify 2016 Faves
  • Staying in and the mundane ⇢ introverts unite