August Calendar + Extras

August 2, 2017

iPhone background

August is when the "fun" element of Summer comes to an end. Children go back to school, the flannels come out and we're that much closer to Halloween!

This wallpaper represents Summer coming to an end, for some. Californians will continue avoiding heat strokes until December, probably.
So our pools will continue until that one, Fall-ish, week.
Therefore, this one is for the rest of you!

iPhone background

Download Calendar, blank and all others here.


July Calendar Wallpaper

July 1, 2017

July's calendar is me being wild and edgy. 

AKA using a color I don't care for. 

Red and green (I'm sure I've mentioned) are two colors I dislike. Hence no wallpapers with those two colors as the main attraction. However, I wanted to be a bit patriotic (Fourth of July) without flags or stars. After testing a couple of reds, I found a shade that didn't automatically remind me of Dexter.

My favorite color is *hint: Apple Pencil cover* cerulean blue, followed by *hint: glasses* navy blue.
Navy blue brought everything together better.

May everyone and their pets have a safe Independence Day.

June Calendar

June 3, 2017

iPhone wallpaper

I got myself an iPhone 7 Plus around two weeks ago. I'm still adjusting to the size and I may not fully (to be honest) but the camera is something that has me with heart eyes.

This picture (wallpaper) was taken with the Portrait Mode option and the image rendered was perfect enough to be a wallpaper.

I have a post planned with the other pictures from my must-photograph-everything-for-the-first-few-days, days. Keep an eye out for that!

Until then, enjoy this one.