December Wallpapers

Friday, December 1


These last few weeks I've been on that warm "Autumn" mood when it comes to editing my pictures. There's something comforting and cozy about it. A couple of days ago, in preparation for this month's wallpaper, I set up a little winter photoshoot on my coffee table. Said "mood" made it's way into the final photographs, of course. And I'm quite in love with it. It could be due to the laborious clean up forcing me to love it (regardless) for the sake of not hating myself. 

I have a couple of extra wallpapers I'm going to share thorough-out December so check back for that. 
There's also a collage of photographs with the iPhone X that's coming in the next week. Not a review; just pretty pictures, what apps I'm using lately and filters. (the questions I get asked the most)

Now for the thing you're all here for! 

From left to right. They're all larger sized to fit all devices.

For January, I'm thinking of removing the calendar portion of the wallpaper and just posting a couple of themed (by month/season) ones. A collection like this months. Let me know if the calendar is something you like and use. -- Message me via any social media account.

October Calendar

Tuesday, October 3

iPhone october wallpaper

These were created by me in the Procreate App for iPad. 

I will also be posting a new wallpaper every week in October. I have a couple of rough drafts and ideas ready to go! 


August Calendar + Extras

Wednesday, August 2

iPhone background

August is when the "fun" element of Summer comes to an end. Children go back to school, the flannels come out and we're that much closer to Halloween!

This wallpaper represents Summer coming to an end, for some. Californians will continue avoiding heat strokes until December, probably.
So our pools will continue until that one, Fall-ish, week.
Therefore, this one is for the rest of you!

iPhone background

Download Calendar, blank and all others here.